Sister Disciples of the Divine Master:

Missionary Journey through Nicaragua & Costa Rica

  • Sr. M. Marta Soza and Sr. M. Tiziana just completed a  missionary journey through Costa Rica & Nicaragua.  Groups of young professional and youngsters as well as ladies engaged in the pastoral work have been enriched by the Word of God.

  • Our approach has been through the process of Lectio Divina, a way of praying the Word of God and experiencing its life transforming power. 

  • Each person has savored God in their innermost being and experienced new thirst and new hunger for the Living Bread of the Word.


Family of Sr. M. Marta Soza


Teen Group

Sr. M. Marta with young ones

Family of Sr. M. Marta Soza

A great supporter for our Missionary Work

Group of young professionals/Friends of the Divine Master


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